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Silicum Laboratories

Orgono Living Silica 1L


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  • Description

    Silica and You

    Silicium Laboratories is proud to introduce Orgono Living Silica, the best bioavailable silica product on the market. Stiff and achy joints limit mobility and can decrease the quality of life. Use Orgono Living Silica to regain an active lifestyle and minimize joint discomfort. Specially formulated with natural organic silica to help support bone formation and restore joint health, Orgono Living Silica improves flexibility and mobility so that you feel better and more energetic.

    Orgono Living Silica provides the ideal amount and absorption of the essential trace mineral silica. The main component of Orgono is fifth generation organic silicon, monomethyl-silanetriol, CH3 (Si OH)3, one of the best silicon carriers and potentiator of other molecules. This exclusive, patented formula, backed by scientific studies, offers superior nutritional support for your joints and delivers collateral benefits in terms of better skin and reduced cardiovascular risk.

    Remember, your body does not store silica. It must be replenished daily.

    Orgono Living Silica offers the perfect, unique solution. No other colloidal silica, silicic acid or plant extract based silica supplement on the market provides greater bioavailability or is more effective than Orgono Living Silica. This supplement is the perfect non-colloidal solution: it is a clear, odorless, non-crystallizing liquid with no aftertaste and no side effects, even after years of use. Orgono Living Silica is doctor preferred and recommended. Try Orgono Living Silica today.

    Organic silica is one of those elements whose lists of documented benefits just keeps growing as time passes and more research is conducted. Silica is one of the most abundant minerals on the planet, but there are very few foods that contain an adequate amount to supply the quantity your body needs. The human body requires good nutrition to renew, repair and rejuvenate itself on a daily basis and organic silica has been found to have an absolute influence on the absorption and processes that the body requires to maintain good health.

    In today's modern world, we are over taxed by hectic lifestyles, pollution, overly processed food and poor food choices that contribute to dietary deficiencies. Silica serves too crucial a role in our health and should not be one of those deficiencies.

    Our bodies need silica regardless of our age and even when diet is not the primary factor in cases of deficiencies, we often become deficient in this essential trace element simply thorough the aging process. In our youth, our tissues absorb and maintain high levels of silica; enabling our bodies to remain flexible, resilient, and energetic; but as we age, our silica levels steadily decline until they become almost non-existent. In fact, 80% of all of our body's silica is used up by the time we become adults.

    The effect of this steady decrease in silica levels is a progressive decline in health, increasing fatigue and acceleration of the aging process. Silica supplementation can be an aid in supporting healthy bones, joints, cartilage and blood vessels, as well as skin, nails, hair, teeth and gums. The result would be an improved well-being. Numerous clinical studies support the benefits of silica for the body and have found the following:


    Calcium and vitamin D alone are not sufficient for bone growth, density, strength, and flexibility. In fact, the body cannot absorb and use calcium without the presence of silica. Data suggests that instead of promoting healing, calcium supplementation speeds up the leeching away of bone calcium and thus accelerates the degenerative process of osteoporosis and similar diseases that affect the connective tissues in the human body.

    To achieve the desired objectives of re-mineralizingdamaged bones, it is advised that a sufficient silica supplement be taken daily because bones are composed mainly of the minerals phosphorus, magnesium and calcium; however, these minerals need the presence of silica to be deposited into the bones, especially calcium. It hastens the healing of fractures and also diminishes scarring at the location of a fracture. A great deal of research evidence indicates that through a transmutation process, silica is turned into calcium when there is a calcium deficiency and the body needs it.


    Silica may play an important role in the immune system and the inflammatory response because it is necessary for the manufacturing process of antibodies/antigens and it encourages the conversion of LB (Lymphocyte B) into LT (Lymphocyte T). Silica decreases swelling due to its positive effects on the lymphatic system.



    Rejuvenation Elixir Recipe

    For extra healthy hair, skin and nails!


    600mL freshly squeezed Organic Juice
    24 drops Dragon Herbs - Goji & Schizandra
    60mL Orgono Living Silica
    1 tsp MSM
    1 tsp SHINE
    1 tsp REVIVE
    2 - 4 capsules MegaHydrate
    12 drops Marine Phytoplankton
    1 blade Aloe Vera (optional) 


    Juice 600mL of your favourite fruit and vegetable juice (we recommend a combination of any of the following - Cucumber, Celery, Apple, Carrot, Beetroot, Parsley, Ginger and Lemon).

    Add juice to a high-powered blender along with all ingredients excluding SHINE and REVIVE. If using Aloe Vera, fillet the blade and scrape out the clear gel only. Then add the gel into the blender, blend until smooth. Add SHINE and REVIVE and blend briefly before serving.

    I recommend that you double this recipe and drink 600mL in the morning and 600mL in the afternoon for best results. This elixir has an amazing ability to improve the health of your hair, skin and nails. It also helps reduce pain and inflammation. It is extremely good for increasing flexibility and maintaining healthy joints, tendons and ligaments. 

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